Hey there! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Daniel, I was born in February 1990 and I’m from Germany. I learned english in Australia so please excuse both grammatical mistakes and an over-average use of swearing. I got a bachelor degree in business administration and managed the finances in a big company for about a year. In the beginning of 2017, I quit my job though. Why? Well, just to chase some crazy dream that has been stuck in my head for a while now.

On April, 24th 2017 I’ve started an adventure that is going to change my life – one way or another. I’m gonna hitch hike around Europe until Spring 2018. At this point I will fly over to Canada and hitch hike to the southernmost point of South America (Chile) and wanna start a new life somewhere on that continent. You might be like “soo, what’s the ‘crazy’ part?” Alright then, I wanna open my own beach bar for a living. A bar called Dakuna.

Join me on this hell of a trip and see, if that whole ‘plan’ is going to work out somehow. Or to say it in the words of an old mate from Australia: “Let’s fuck this puppy”.



I always found it hard to describe myself so I was like “why don’t you just let other people do that job for you?” – And that’s what I did. I asked some different people on my Facebook Friendlist for a sentence, that is somehow related to me. As expected I got a nice mix of lovely, weird and mean statements. This is what they said:

‘You’re someone, who’s able to excite and inspire others’        ‘Today I’m gonna drink myself retarded. Over and out’           ‘You are a dreamer and it’s well known that you can’t keep a dreamer down’            ‘He commiserates with Subway employees’                ‘best friend and most openminded person I know’              ‘Long hair don’t care’       ‘drink up me hearties yoho’         ‘The imperfect man with magic card tricks that can steal your heart………and he’s always overconfident with hir hair bun that looks messy and ugly’              ‘a modest, sponaneous and crazy dudes that shows some major balls by chasing his dreams’               ‘he’s the inofficial mascot of a german gay parade’           ‘ruffled dude with a weakness for ladyboys….he throws great parties though’        ‘Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill you soul. Collect moments, not things’      ‘life is not measured by the numbers of breath you take, but by the moments that take our breath away’

Furthermore I got heaps of ‘ohh, I gotta think about something super cool’ so I guess I’m just gonna keep this page updated. In case you wanna contribute something as well, just send me a message and I will put it up as long as it doesn’t break any laws.  Hope you got an idea of who I am! If not I’m pretty sure you will by simply reading my stories 😉           Cheers